Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big Orange Burgers, Salads and Shakes

I'm a big fan of Big Orange - a little pricey but when you consider all the "extras" that go into delivering that big, juicy burger to your table....and enjoy some of those tasty Kennebec fries - the price becomes more palatable.

The menu says their beef patties are "made with Naturally Raised USDA Certified 100% Black Angus Beef. Big Orange is committed to offering you the highest quality, most wholesome meats available. Our beef is always...hormone free • antibiotic-free." Plus, they support local farmers...and make their own bread.

On my visit to the kitchen, I observed the dedication to detail exhibited by the employees as they prepared each item... from the in-house prep of sauces, soups and salads to the cutting of the fries... and the individual weighing and formation of each patty... it is truly a hands-on operation.

The three partners have distinguished culinary backgrounds...I knew about Herren Hickingbotham's connection to the yogurt dynasty (TCBY) but did not know his family was connected to the "World Famous AQ Chicken House" in Northwest Arkansas; nor did I know that Herren once was previously a partner
in a Dallas, Texas venture called Star Canyon - at the time, deemed by the renowned James Beard Foundation as one of the five best restaurants in the country.

What can we say about the dynamic duo of Scott McGehee and John Beachboard who make up the rest of the trio? They eat, sleep and dream up the things we unsuspecting souls didn't know we would one day crave. Culinary visionaries. Who knew you could enjoy Tempura style asparagus with a Sambal Chile Mayo and lemon dipping sauce?

There are nearly a dozen prepared gourmet burgers on the menu...but with so many options, you can customize your own creation. Vegetarian or don't eat red meat? No problem - something on the menu for you, too: Curried Falafel & Lentil, turkey, chicken and even fish.

If you have room for one, following the ample burgers or salads,

you must try the hand-dipped shakes and/or floats... they come in adult (the more spirited version) and child varieties (spirit-free).

Kid's menu available, also.

Big Orange has incorporated the latest technology to help you have an enjoyable experience - if you should happen to visit on a busy night and there's a bit of a wait, managers will put you on the waiting list, take your cell phone number and text you when you can be seated. Gives you plenty of opportunity to stroll around the beautiful Promenade.

Sun-Thur - 10:30 am - 9 pm
Fri-Sat - 10:30 am - 11 pm (bar open until midnight)

17809 Chenal Pkwy. Ste.G-101, Little Rock, AR.

(Across from Bravo)

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