Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trivia Question for Klappenbach Bakery

Mrs. Klappenbach's Famous Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

Jello Salad

Klappenbach Crew

Klappenbach Reuben w/Potato Salad

Answer the question below for a chance to win a gift certificate to Klappenbach Bakery, 108 West Fourth St, Fordyce and leave your contact information. Only your name will be published on this site. All correct entries are eligible for a drawing that takes place tomorrow on MidDay.


What unusual item at the Bakery does Mr. Klappenbach say his customers tell him is the best they've ever eaten?


Telephone: 870-352-7771
FAX: 870-352-5348
Tuesday - Friday,  6am- 5 pm
Saturday - 6 am- 3 pm
Sundays and Mondays - Closed


  1. Hi Pam
    My answer for the trivia question is:

  2. the reuben sandwich, and all of the homemade Breads and rolls

  3. My husband and I visted Klappenbach's bakery this past saturday for lunch. We ordered the Roast beef w/au jou & the turkey club both on fresh bakery rolls! Both our meals were so tasty and fresh and the potato salad was great.
    We intend on returning and bringing family and friends along. Then I'm going to try the corned beef hero and get some more dinner rolls for home!
    Thanks Pam for another A-1 location, we agree this is a 7 star restaurant/bakery.
    We love tagging along with you Pam...

  4. I won the Klappenbach trivia question raffle. I went to pick up my prize a few weeks ago and I they were so very nice and gracious. I got a huge basket full of treats and two delicious sandwiches. I'm still working my way through all the different breads (I froze them). All of the breads are heavenly!!! Thanks so much to Klappenbach's for their hospitality and yummy breads and to Pam for letting me know about this gem of a place!!!