Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trivia Question for The Hole in the Wall

Some of you have said leaving an answer on this blog is a challenge - I apologize for that but I don't control  this particular forum.  I do, however, appreciate your participation and never want you to think I take your support for granted.  To leave your answer click on the comment link below.  It will require you to register to respond, if you're not comfortable doing that, just shoot me an email with the answer or leave it on Facebook.

Answer the question below for a chance to win a gift certificate to The Hole in the Wall, 500 Amity Road, Conway and leave your contact information. Only your name will be published on this site. All correct entries are eligible for a drawing that takes place tomorrow on MidDay.

Trivia Question:

How do Toni Burrows' guests leave comments about her restaurant and the food?

The Hole in the Wall
500 Amity Road, Suite 5A
Conway, AR
M-F, lunch only, 10 am - 2 pm


  1. The customers leave messages for the owner on a chalk board.

  2. On the chalk board!!

  3. They leave their comments on a large black board on the wall of the cafe.

  4. for Pam Smith
    RE: Hole in the Wall Question: An exposed brick wall hosts a corkboard where notecards with handwritten customer comments are posted