Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can Your Pantry Stump a Chef?

Just a couple more opportunities for you to get a personal visit and meal prepared by a chef.
The Henson's, this week's winners, were pleasantly surprised by the delicious chicken and pasta dish whipped up by Chef Brian Ford Cherry of RBC Entertainment and Catering (former Chef to the Dodgers).

Chef Brian Ford Cherry, Jerry and Star Henson

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Meantime, he's how to submit an entry for a chef to come to your house:

Chef Cherry prepared a lemon-infused  Beurre Blanc - mixed with the Henson's private label barbecue sauce

Ingredients include - chicken breast, bowtie pasta, butter, leomon juice, onion, butter, wine and corn on the cobb.

Instead of using shallots, Cherry finely dices the onion; mixes it, the lemon juice, wine and vinegar in a skillet, reducing it, before infusing lots of butter.  He only incorporates a few "pats" at a time so the sauce won't separate.  When it's a nice caramel-like consistency and color, he adds the Henson's Sweet Barbecue Sauce.

The corn is prepared by removing it from the cobb, placing it in a pot and adding parmesan (already grated), sour cream, milk and Italian seasoning; cooking over low heat until kernels are done. 

For the main entree, he butterflies or slices the chicken in half for easier cooking, then uses a French technique where he lightly batters it with flour before dipping it in egg.  Dipping it in egg seals in the juice and flavor.  The chicken pan-sauteed and finished in the oven.

The completed dish includes the sauce over the chicken and pasta with the creamy Parmesan corn on the side. 

Jerry Henson decided to bottle his own barbecue sauce recipe and other seasonings after retiring.  You can currently get them at Harps.  I'll post the website for his contact info later. 

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