Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tip of the day from Green Cart Deli

I loved Brad Kossover's Green Cart Deli so much - I've been begging him to come to Little Rock.  He assures me he's working on.  And when he does, I'll be the second to let you know - he'll probably be the first.

Fresh, unique and delicious - that's how I describe his one-of-a-kind offerings, not to mention he's helping promote conservation of the environment.  What's not to like about any of that?

Brad also boasted of some awesome brownies (of course I didn't need them but I needed to try them so I could tell you about them).  I can, however, tell you about the Razorback - one specially prepared skinny's [thin hot dog] served with his original chili, hand-shredded mustard-based cole slaw and red pepper relish.  Can you say Ummmm?

Follow Brad and Green Cart Deli on Twitter @eatgcd or like them on Facebook.  He tweets his locations.  Green Cart Deli also caters.  The high tech hot dog man has wi fi and can accept major credit cards.

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