Thursday, February 2, 2012

Whole Hog Specials for Super Bowl

This superbowl special is from Whole Hog Cafe - the actual text on the flyer too small for you to see... so it's also printed below, verbatim.

Don't forget the BBQ

For the Super Bowl that is. Pick it up on Saturday, heat it up on Sunday. We'll tell you how. Ask for re-heating instructions. Our special packaging allows for a phenomenal next day experience. Nuf said. Call 501-753-9227

Are you signed up?

Go ahead, scan it! And enter to win a complete Jimmy Buffett tailgate package, including tickets. Or just text "Pigsfly" to 84700. Stay tuned to our mobile web site for the next great giveaway. What, don't have a QR reader on your Smartphone yet? Just download one for free! Or email us and we'll tell you how...

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