Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boudreaux's Home of Maumelle's Cajun Cuisine

Boudreaux's Bar and Grill

9811 Maumelle Blvd

Maumelle, AR 72113

(501) 753-6860

Boudreaux's website

Hope you get your crawfish fill before the season is over - that's how I ended up at Boudreaux's. I was looking for crawfish - and someone left a post for me on FB telling me to check out Boudreaux's which has a North Little Rock address but is on Maumelle Blvd. Ironically, I ended up not getting the crawfish.

The first thing that caught my tastebud's attention - a jalapeno hot water corn bread - truly some of the best I've had - and oh my, add that jalapeno - and we've got a "whole nother" melt-in-your-mouth delicious kind of thing going on.

The restaurant truly is your neighborhood "Cheers" kind of place. Everybody knew everybody's name, everybody knew what everybody else was eating... and everybody was quick to offer you a seat at their table or a sample from their plate.

The owners, business partners, Jody and Wayne Bettoney, are from Baton Rouge and decided to open a "Cajun" style restaurant in the area because they said no one else was doing it. Their Arkansas connection were thrilled about it but had to make their LSU Tiger friends a little more Razorback friendly - so you'll find a picture of a "hog" with tiger stripes. (Some say that's just not right - to do that to the hog - smile) But before you die-hard Razorback fans get upset - they assure it's just a little good-natured ribbing!)

Boudreax's is in a strip-mall parking lot and if you don't know it's there, you might drive past. Definitely worth a visit to check out the alligator - blackened or fried; jambalaya and crawfish etoufee. (They have a plate called the trio where you gt a bowl of jambalaya, crawfish etoufee and gumbo) I prefer my gumbo with a few more ingredients , like okra, and a lot more seasoning - however, Wayne Bettoney says they have to prepare it how it would be best for large crowds... and told me they have lots of hot sauce for those whose tastebuds like things heated up.

The restaurant offers 2-for-1 prime rib on one of its weekend days - so call ahead to find out which day; karaoke and live entertainment some nights. Opened for lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday otherwise a dinner only operation. Boudreaux's has a game room and says it is kid-friendly, although I see it more as an adult atmosphere at dinner time.

I did not sample the bread pudding but some patrons and a couple of my colleagues say it is the best they've eaten.

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