Wednesday, July 14, 2010

La Regional Bakery & Taqueria 7414 Baseline

So sorry everyone... was trying to post from my cell phone and couldn't quite make it:(

La Regional's Pastry Shop is located at 7414 Baseline; the restaurant, grocery store/meat market and western store are all next door. Hours at the bakery and grocery store: 6:00 am - 10:30 pm. The restaurant offers authentic Mexican food as well as entrees from other Hispanic cultures. Well worth the visit - I was pleasantly surprised.

I think my recommendation of La Regional has sparked the most controversial comments to date. I had one viewer leave a post saying she was "very disappointed" in La Regional - the food, service and location. And one cornered me at the service station to tell me it was the worst experience he'd had - he told me I usually got it right, but that I bombed this time.

I truly respect people's differing opinions. First, let me say for the record - "I" did truly enjoy La Regional and I would never recommend a restaurant that I would not personally visit or enjoy. My appreciation for La Regional was the "total" experience - including the bakery, grocery store and restaurant. I loved how they all worked together to blend the ingredients and products for an experience that would replicate one that you might have in the owners' native Monterey, Mexico. Perhaps I should have "stressed" that this was not a "white table cloth" dining experience then maybe expectations would have been different. But I don't rate my restaurant experiences or base my recommendations on the "white table cloth" factor, alone - I try to find what is unique and original about each of the places I visit... and then try to tell you the interesting back stories associated with them.

Please know that my recommendations are for your enjoyment but I know that there will be some who take strong exception, occasionally - however, I welcome all comments, pro and con. Thanks for taking the time to leave them. Also, if you want to recommend a place for me to try, please leave me a note.

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  1. I think that this is the best Mexican Taqueria in Little Rock!! I have never visit La regional before up to last year May 5, 2010 and let me tell you it was great!!!! Any one else that doesn't like it it was probably because they have never visit it before and expected to be a fine dinning place.......but people remember its a "Mexican Taqueria" not a fine expensive Restaurant!!!! =]] and I'm not only saying that because my Father "Federico Salas" is the owner but because truely I was Impress on how he's got things running there. I was officially in love with the food and the personal thats working there and belive me they didin't know that I was the owner's daughter till I left town that weekend and they treated me very nice and where very atentive and for me it was the first and best short summer vacation I have ever taken to Little Rock! =]]]]