Thursday, August 5, 2010

Answers to Trivia Question

The following were posts from the blog - entering responses this way so no personal information is divulged. Thanks to participants. Names with correct answer will be entered for a drawing for a Za Za gift certificate this am on MidDay. Good Luck. Oh, the correct answer is "90% of gelato made with powdered mix in America, according to Scott McGehee. Stay tuned for another chance to win next week.


Majority of gelato in America is made with a powdered mix!


oh, pam, i try to catch your segment, but i don't always... i've recently become vegetarian(a little over 4 months ago), do you know of any great vegetarian restaurants, or restaurants with great vegetarian options on their menu? Now, mind you, by NO MEANS am i vegan, i still can't get away from cheese & eggs.

ebony blevins

april boram

Most Gelato is made from a powdered mix. But not at ZaZa's!
It tastes as great as it looks.
Lyn Blansett

powder mixes
Kim Solomon

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