Monday, April 25, 2011

Note from a viewer on

(Thanks for taking time to send this Micki!)

"Hi Pam! Thanks so much for featuring Eat My Catfish. I love their food. Fried dill pickles are amazing. Here's you an interesting story. On Thursday and Friday, I went to a school training. The presenter was from

Chicago and she had flown in on Wednesday. At lunch, she started talking about an interesting restaurant she had seen on the news the night before and was very curious because it had crawfish. I said, "Oh, that was Eat My Catfish." I eventually showed her their website (and Facebook page) and she was so intrigued that she drove from the hotel in NLR all the way to Benton to get crawfish. When the conference ended on Friday, she was wondering if she could buy more and take it as her carry-on for her flight back to Chicago!

Thanks again for featuring one of my favorite places to eat in Benton!

Micki Sewell

Benton, AR"

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