Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Winner of Gift Certificates to Hibernia

Congrats to Sheila Wilkins, winner of the $50 gift certificates to Hibernia last week.  Susan picked up her gift certificates this past weekend and told me she was going to check out the restaurant and let us know what she thought.  ne of my colleagues here at the station says the restaurant was super busy because of St. Patrick's Day  - so it took longer for him to get his food this past week (1 1/2 hour) but says when it arrived it was hot and delicious.  Says he made the most of the wait by visiting with the people he'd come with.  Hopefully, that little kink regarding timing has been worked out because I do highly recommend the restaurant - from the ambiance to the appetizing offerings - you must try the bacon and cabbage and the bread pudding.  And remember your manners, the proper "Irish bite."  :) 

The "9-11" story connected to the restaurant also makes it well worth a visit.  Pull up a chair and visit with the two "Gerrys."

Tune in for today's feature - it's all about the kids.  Happy Spring Break!!!

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